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OOPS!  We've got a big backlog or projects to update y'all up on!   With over 40 exhibitions and hundreds of events each year, Wunderkammer Company is in need of some archival love... if you would be interested in helping us dig through and piece together short but intense history, hit up Dan Swartz @



EXHIBITS: “Dan Moord: Fun with Colors”, “John Renz: Macro to Micro”, “IPFW’s Visual Communication and Design Exhibition”.

Featured Artists: Dan Moord, John Renz.


EXHIBITS: “The Fall”, “Bizarre Bazaar”, “Bush League”.

Featured Artists: Jerrod Tobias, Taylor Carpenter, Chad Saw, Thomas Joseph Leffers, Aaron Warren, Jason Rowland, Kasey Lee, Cristina Marquez, Micah Dunlap, Sam Agres, Mariah Wynn, Lindsy Hall, Mae Streubel, Paul Demaree, Catherine Blyth, Nick Christie, Rebecca Stockert, Bret “Terb” Pendleton, B.C.E Baker, TJ Ochoa, Adam Meyer, John Brown, Daniel Baxter, Jay Bastian, Josh Angel.


EXHIBITS: "Mi Casa, Mi Communidad", "Graffiti Country Club", "Living Room".

"Mi Casa, Mi Communidad" was generously sponsored by PNC Bank. 


EXHIBITS: “(INTER)TWINE”, “Open Wall ‘07”,  “Adam Garland Photography”, “Portraits of Oz”, “Newbies”.

Featured Artists: Sommer Starks, Molly Stronczek, Adam Garland, Justin Chronister, Maddie Miller, Holly Hardin-Clabaugh, Chelsea Freistroff, Theresa Stephens, Jay Bastian, Cory Flemming, John Renz. 




PERFORMANCES: Jirk Comedy, Keegan Warren, Polymath Five: Ian’s Epiphany, The Identity Itch: Relying on Cheese, Booze and Superpowers, Aerial Evolution, O.G. Production: Offensive, Crass, Rude and We’re Back!, The Billy Willy Show, The Not Hope Arthur Orchestra, Orbit’s Tears, Pyroscope. 

JULY 2014

EXHIBITS: “Presque Vu”, “Brewskies”, “Artists In Residence”, “Pyro”.

Featured Artists: Adam Meyer, Julie Wall Toles, Dustin Kissling, Erin Kaufman, Hattie Baer, Theoplis Smith, Alexandra Hall, Kasey Lee, Andrea Beaulieu, Caitlin Dearth, Kelly L Coughlin, Chris Schrien, Angie Cashdollar, Loren Law, Kelvin Burzon, Travis Mullins, Thomas Joseph Leffers, Paul F. Perrine, Heather Miller, Sayaka Ganz, Jerrod Tobias, Dana Goodman, Bret “Terb” Pendleton, Ellen Sauer, Jay Bastian, Steven Anslem.

MAY 2014

EXHIBITS: "Tessellate", "Color Code", "Harvey", "Upstarts".

Featured Artists: Julie Wall Toles, Adam James, Thomas Joseph Leffers, Theoplis Smith, Alexis Guthrie, Harvey Cocks, Austin White, Allison Resac, Erin Schwartz, Brandon Le.

MARCH 2014


EXHIBITS: "Fort Side Story", "Incomplete Lexicon", "Salon Des Refuse", "Art League VS".

Featured Artists: Cara Lee Wade, Carly Schmitt, Max Tippman, Alison Resac, Gregg Coffey, Tim Parsley, TJ Ochoa, Theoplis Smith, Molly Stronczek, Jay Bastian, Joel Fremion, Mariah Wynn, Beth Collier, Chelsea Freistroffer, Justin Johnson, John Collins McCormick, Marie Gardeski, Noah Boren, Mindy Pennycoff, Luke Hardy, Jerod Tobias, Ashley Beatty, Greg Mendez, Neil Wiffil, Taylor Carpenter, Andrew Dubach, Bob Long, Alexandra Hall, C.E. Shrein, Julia Guerin, Isaiah Custard, Sean Hottois, Chelsea Baumgartner, Kari Larsen, Lauren Hughey, Sarah Schmidt, Thomas Leffers, Jami Lucas, Jeremy Stroup, Christina Marquez, Victoria Gardner, Nick Christie, Loren Law, Julia Bridges, Micah Dunlap, Trevor Rush, Paige Harding.  



Theoplis Smith, February Promo

EXHIBITS: "Can You Spare Change: A solo exhibition by Theoplis Smith", "ALT", and a variation of "W<SHOP".  

Featured Artists: Theoplis Smith, Andrew Dubach, Lauren Hughey, Jeremy Stroup, Gregory Mendez, Neil Wiffil, Rachel Griel, Heather Miller, Gregor Roth, John Collins McCormick, Luke Hardy, Taylor Carpenter, Gary Hovey, Lilliana Hoag, Jerrod Tobias, Molly Stronczek, Adam Meyer, Carly Schmitt



EXHIBITS: "ONEYEAR", "TELEPHONE", "Ask Me If You Can Touch My Hair", "This Is An Instagram Show".

Featured Artists: Theoplis Smith, Jerrod Tobias, Molly Stronczek, Lilliana Hoag, Carly Schmitt, Heather Miller, Adam Meyer, Jeremiah Miser, Erik Howard, Taylor Carpenter, Matthew Thomas, Julie Wall Toles, Leigha VanZande, Ashley Beatty, Max Anthony, John Collins McCormick, John Gordon, Erin Kauffman, Elly Tullis, Julia Guerin, C. E. Schrein, Peter Lupkin, Sophia Ulmer, Christopher Guerin, Dori Graham, Emily Delunas, Megan Hart, Alice Guerin. 



EXHIBITS: "Love Your Neighbor: Installation by Neighborlink", "Panama City Beach, Florida: Solo Exhibition Featuring Steven Anselm", IPFW's Visual Communication and Design Fall Senior Exhibition, "Perspectives".  

Featured Artists: Steven Anselm, Andrew Hoffman, Heath Drummond, Jessie Vachon Rhoades, Cassandra Wilson, Haley Albersmeyer, Javon Bell, Dane Curtis, Ruth Pike, Chelcea Cain, Bethany Lowe, James Farr, Jordan Kurzen, Andy Kurzen, Dusti Jones, Brittany Tsuleff, Rebecca Neff, Matt Plett, Emily Tumbleson, Andrew Barce



EXHIBITS: "Grawlix: The #&@%-ing Art of Frustration: Curated by Joseph Zimmerman", "Under/Over: Solo Exhibition Featuring C. E. Schrein", "MUSE: A Willyum Photography Collection".

Featured Artists: C.E. Schrein, Joseph Zimmerman, Teresa Sharpe, Kay Gregg, Jason Rowland, Dave Lough, Max Anthony, Carly Schmitt, John Gruse, John Collins McCormick, Jerrod Tobias, MATEK, Mack Garrett, Willyum Baulkey. 



EXHIBITS: "Elly Tullis: Bird Lover", "On Paper: A Regional Survey", "IDEA STORE".

Featured Artists: Elly Tullis, Julie Wall Toles, Sarah Schmidt, Jeremy Stroup, Chelsea Baumgartner, Debra Burson, John Gordon, Alex Shcherbakov, Erik Howard, Taylor Carpenter, Max Anthony, Carly Schmitt, Gregg Coffey, Bob Phillips, Thomas Leffers. 



EXHIBITS: "Old School Vs. New School", "Fort Wayne 1x1 Finale", "Pugilistic Society (Boxing Ring Installation)", "Jessica Tobolski Solo Vignette". 

Featured Artists: Jessica Tobolski, Julie Wall Toles, Adam Meyer, Norm Bradley, Suzanne Galazka, Kim Waldschmidt, Ashley Beatty, Rebecca Stockert, Greg Mendez, Arthur Cislo, Cara Lee Wade, John Gevers, Rob Borel, Nicole Croy, Palermo Galindo, Scott Hill, Andrew Hoffman, David Kirk, Kevin Oswalt, Amy Colley, Holly Heath Perfect, Tony Smith, Jason Swisher, Kris Wise, Michelle Briggs-Wedaman, Jeff Crane, Claire Wiedman, Theresa Thompson, Ken Rieves, Daniel Baker, Teresa Stephens. 


JULY 2013

EXHIBITS: "Brewskies", "Triple Threat", "RED: Installation". 

Featured Artists: Amanda Joseph, Katie Moore, Nikki Turner, Taylor Carpenter, Justin Henry Miller, Thomas Leffers, Ashley Beatty, Thea Muessling, C. E. Schrein, Dave Lough, Austin Zink, Kasey Lee, Mariah Hutcherson, James Del Priore. 


JUNE 2013

EXHIBITS: "Openwall 46807", "Free Radicals", "Through the Glass Nightly: Solo Exhibition by Cara Lee Wade". 

Featured Artists: John Collins McCormick, Adam Meyer, Cara Lee Wade, Jessica Tobolski, Meg Tiffany, Julia Guerin, Ashley Beatty, Kirsten Hambrick, Gregg Coffey, Kelly Frahm, Sarah Osbun, Suzanne Galazka, Corey Heimann, Carmen R. Dillon, Rachel Loechner, Jim Burns, Teresa Stephens, Dominick Manco, Scott Knepple. 



EXHIBITS: "Texted Riot", "Three Ladies", "Not Tara Donovan", "TEDXFW Photography Competition". 

Featured Artists: Jared Applegate, "YENZR", Sean Malinowski, Jim Garigen, Adam Meyer, Taber Olinger, Chris Homco, Amy Colley, Jennifer Renner, James Crilly, Shannon Miller, TJ Ochoa, Amber Sturgis, Larry Ramey, TJ Bredemeyer.  


MARCH 2013

EXHIBITS: "RE-PRO", "Creatures and Quilts: A Solo Exhibition by Thea Meussling". 

Featured Artists: John Collins McCormick, Taylor Carpenter, Thea Muessling, Carly Schmidt, Max Anthony, Mason Price, Christian Robinson, Portley Colwell, Nick Christie, Patrick Gainer, Garrett Young, Rebecca Stockert, Adam Meyer, MMMUSE, Laurence Brown, Dean Omite, Emma Downs. 



EXHIBITS: "Piecemeal", "Elevated Lines". 

Featured Artists: Cara Lee Wade, Carly Schmitt, Suzanne Galazka, Rebecca Stockert, Sommer Starks, Daniel Dienelt, Gregg Coffey, Jeremiah Miser, Htoo Doh, Nathan E. Taves, Willyum Baulkey, Steven Anselm, Jason Swisher, Sean Hottois, Heather Miller, Mary Klopfer, Audrey Riley. 



EXHIBITS: "EX: Finale", "Not Tony Smith", "Fort Wayne 1x1", "USF PhotoClub Survey". 

Featured Artists: Mariah Hutcherson, Matthew Thomas, Cara Lee Wade, John Gevers, Rob Borel, Nicole Croy, Palermo Galindo, Scott Hill, Andrew Hoffman, David Kirk, Kevin Oswalt, Holly Heath Perfect, Tony Smith, Jason Swisher, Kris Wise, Michelle Briggs-Wedaman, Jeff Crane, Claire Wiedman, Amy Colley, Theresa Thompson, Ken Rieves, Daniel Baker, Teresa Stephens, Ali Aschman, Dan Callis, David Carpenter, Stephanie Carpenter, Joshua Cave, Liza Cucco, Josh Dihle, Kathryn Drury, Abdi Farah, Robin Kang, Zach Kleyn, Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, Christina Long, Kate Mangold, John Collins McCormick, Jennifer Mills, Daniel Morgan, Kristina Paabus, Avneet Pannu, Jess Poplawski, Lacey Richter, Jake Saunders, John Silvis, Sommer Starks, Nicholas Steindorf, Reid Strelow, Emily Weiss, Allison Peller, Bonnie Mancini. 




Once Wunderkammer Company was incorporated as a non-profit in 2007 and granted 501(c)3 status through the IRS in 2008, we embarked on a number of small curatorial and community outreach projects that ultimately allowed us to build a strong following prior to opening up a physical space, and even provided a teeny tiny amount of seed capital to build our more robust programming. 


+EX: New York City and Chicago: These two exhibitions concluded with "EX"'s final exhibition in our debut set of shows in the gallery in January 2013. This project involved over two dozen artists from around the nation (and beyond) and took place in the International Arts Movement (IAM) space in NYC and in Carousel Space in Chicago in March and May 2012, respectively. 

+ "Systemic Abstraction": Exhibition @ Fort Wayne Museum of Art, 2012. Featured Artists: Carly Schmitt, Kamilah Campbell, and John Collins McCormick. 

+Embassy Theater Festival of Trees Projects: "Classic Brew", "Collimated Christmas Tree", "Under Construction" (2013) , "Calder Sze" (2012), "Senbazuru" (2011), "The Accident" (2010), "Tatlin's Tree" (2009).

+Club Soda Summer Set 2011: "Terry Ratliff",  "On Kitsch".  Featured Artists: Terry Ratliff, Amanda Joseph, Rebecca Stockert, Shaun Malinowski, Dominick Manco, Emma Downs, Jeffrey Melton.

+"Not Tony Smith": Exhibition and launch of public art project. Public Project Locations: Fort Wayne Museum of Art (FWMoA); Club Soda, Fort Wayne, IN; Pekich Park, Grand Rapids, MI; One Summit Square, Fort Wayne, IN. 

+"Self Construction": Exhibition @ Fort Wayne Museum of Art, 2010: Featured Artists: Audrey Riley, Rebecca Stockert, Amanda Joseph, Alethea Gerardot, Emma Downs, Holly Hardin-Clabaugh. 

+Club Soda Summer Set-June 3, July 1, and August 5, 2010: "Tim Brumbeloe", "Suzanne Galazka", and "Not Tony Smith". Featured Artists: Audrey Riley, Jeremiah Miser, John Collins McCormick, Bonnie Mancini, Tim Brumbeloe, Suzanne Galazka. 

+"Poptopia": A group exhibition/night of performances at the Dash In, Fort Wayne, IN, 2010. Featured Artists: John Collins McCormick, Joshua Witten, Bambi Guthrie, Mike Shifflet, Hope Arthur, Katey Wilks Zemen.

+Club Soda Summer Set-June 11, July 9, and August 6, 2009: "Solo Exhibition, Audrey Riley", "Home Made", "Camera Club". Featured Artists: Audrey Riley, Michelle Diller, Marie Gardeski, David Birkey, Cara Lee Wade, Ethan Ross, Holly Hardin-Clabaugh, John McCormick, Josh Hoering, Daniel Dienelt, Ginger M. Young, Bambi Guthrie, Jeremiah Miser, Emma Downs, Willyum Baulkey, Chris Crawford, Stephanie Fenstermaker.